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Foto Maroton 2006

Roger Atihuibancex
Mountain Wind Group

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New York City, NY 10029

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Roger Atihuibancex

Taino regalia and crafts
modeled by Roger Atihuibancex

Roger Atihuibancex:
Taino documentation research and
development projects on
Caribbean Indigenous Cultural Arts since 1990

This website works to strengthen Taino Indian arts and crafts collaborative workshop projects to promote and preserve our Caribbean indigenous cultural arts via supplementary and alternative Native American educational arts programs.

The work accomplished throughout the years has been consistent with our taino mission statement, which is to promote education of our Caribbean community and its rich indigenous cultural arts heritage.

Atihuibancex artistic presentations, exhibitions and workshops have generated interest and involvement from the Caribbeasn community and other Latino indigenous circles. Our taino program has served to inspire future cultural artists in developing their talents by drawing upon their cultural traditions.
From the very young to the older adults, both females and males share in our positive creative artistic environment that will educate as well as enrich their lives. Our work has been well received throughout the NYC Metropolitan Tri State area bringing programming to well over 10,000 people.
Our Taino projects serves the Caribbean indigenous community as well as other indigenous communities. To date, we have brought our programs to many places: elementary schools and universities, public and private institutions, parks and recreational facilities and public and private self help organizations. We service the old along with the young. The majority of our constituents come from low income neighborhoods and communities that receive very little contact with the artistic cultural educational circles. We introduce these elements that have otherwise seperated from each other to become whole once again. The response from these participants has been overwhelming, with an increased demand for our services.


"Taino Warrior"

Giclee Prints Size The Image is 20 x 25....
plus a 1 inch border Limited Edition
(Signed and Numbered)

Other Artwork

World's Best Art Gallery


"The Power of Spirit"


Mildred Torres-Speeg
PO Box 37
Mountain City, GA 30562

Tel: (706) 746-3038

"Day of Encounter"/ "Dia del Encuentro, 1493"

Bay of Aguadilla-Aguada
November 19, 1493

Artwork by - Estela Robles


Good Spirit be With You
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for his support of the Taino People and the technical assistance with this site.
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El Encuentro de Ponce De León y Agueybaná

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